The Ace
of You

By Autograf. First auction Feb 16th.


Autograf has solidified themselves as some of dance music’s biggest innovators since their emergence. The outfit has sustained a global fanbase with yearly headlining tours, boasting their dense and renowned discography of effervescent house music. Autograf pride themselves on being all-encompassing artists with a mastery for creating thematic experiences. Despite their growth, they maintain their DIY ethos by incorporating art and live productions into their shows. The group built a custom stage design for their 2018 headline CAUTION:LIVE tour as well as their 2020 Ace of You Tour.

Autograf has performed across the world, playing prestigious festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, EDC Las Vegas and EDC Korea. They’ve headlined shows in Asia and Europe, including countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Spain, The Netherlands, France and more. They've also had the pleasure of working alongside artists like Halsey, Avicii, The Chainsmokers and other heavyweights in the industry. The duo has seen their music licensed in popular television series such as Netflix’s “The Innocents,” NBC’s “The Blacklist” and major ad campaigns from Louis Vuitton and Nike.

After moving to Los Angeles, they opened Project Parallel, a multifaceted creative space that functions as a workspace for artists, housing both photo and music studios under one roof. They continue to be deeply entrenched with the intersection of art and music and the roles they play in our lives—both on and offline.  

Since the pandemic, Autograf have released their debut album, The Ace Of You via Armada Music. The project is their most personal to date and showcases their storytelling prowess in full. Each song from the album has its own accompanying Tarot card illustrated by them. The artists are currently diving into the NFT space headfirst, selling their first piece Dreams via Foundation. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled as the two continue to expand and grow in the NFT space.

Drop Details

No more than 78 will ever exist.

Holding one of these unique NFTs will grant you access to  special perks including giveaways, contests and access to private sales.

Life is a deck of cards, containing all the possibilities of your life. And although you have to play the hand you’re dealt, anything is still possible in life depending on your reading or interpretation. This art is our deck of cards. It tells our story. We’ve had our fair share of good and bad cards dealt to us. Cards of pain and joy, love and heartbreak, adversity and triumph. And we wanted to share these stories through our art. But this art also tells your story. How you experience and interpret it will determine your story. And through it all we find ourselves at an exciting new beginning. This is our life. This is your life. This is the “Ace of You”

Launches Feb. 16th
Released in batches
Sold through individual Auctions
78 Unique NFTs Total
Curated by imnotArt
Rules For Submission
Please only submit one piece per artist.
Submissions must be owned by the artist.
Submissions must currently be minted and for sale.
Art from any blockchain will be accepted.

Starting Feb. 16th

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