Friday, November 12 - 7:00pm CDT

A Physical / Digital imnotArt Curated Drop Event

In 2010 Brendan Fernandes began to investigate ideas of “authenticity” explored through the dissemination of Western notions of an exotic Africa through the symbolic economy of "African" masks. In Fernandes' genesis NFT project, he focuses on the traditional West African Masquerade and thinks through the mask as an object still in flux, one that now lives within a cryptographic and digital space. The artist has scanned different materials: Gold, Textiles, Wood and Shells to create layers that will become the foundation of these “new” masks. More information can be found here.

Please fill out the form to register your interest in attending physically or digitally! Physical attendance is subject to confirmation due to limited capacity at imnotArt Chicago and social distancing measures.

Thank you for submitting your interest in attending. We have limited physical capacity for this event so we will reach out via email if capacity allows.

For everyone unable to attend physically we are excited to see you in the Metaverse!

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