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About Paradise

Paradise is defined as the ideal place or state. However, the envisionment of paradise varies according to the viewer who is influenced by their own unique experiences, interests, and spirituality. The collaboration between imnotArt and The African NFT Community aims to portray Black women’s perspective & visualization of what Paradise means to them.

In celebration of women’s history month, this exhibition aims to empower black women artists and bring attention to gender inequality in the NFT space. In both the NFT & Art Market, statistics reveal the overwhelming majority of top-selling artists are men. Furthermore, within the small percentage of profiting women artists, the presence of Black women is even more compact. This exhibition’s objective is to bring Black women’s perspective to the forefront to be viewed & honored by the world.

This exhibition is presented by Aku.

About the Curator

Abieyuwa is a Nigerian-American multidisciplinary artist and curator from Texas. Abieyuwa experiments with technology to explore being a Black Woman in contemporary society, while showcasing her Esan & Igbo heritage. Abieyuwa works with a variety of tools and media including photography, digital and analog video, 3D modeling, and acrylic paint. She began minting NFTs in February 2021 and currently has art minted on Foundation and OpenSea. Abieyuwa has spoken on panels during NFT NYC and Art Basel. She is also a member of HerstoryDAO, part of the FWB Fellowship program & an admin for the growing African NFT Community on Clubhouse and Twitter.

About the African NFT Club:

The African NFT Club’s mission is to provide educational resources, advice, support, and strategize to onboard individuals in all circumstances.

Exhibition Details

The exhibition kicks off on March 1st with an Artist Reveal followed by the Art Debut and Reception on the 4th. “Paradise features 22 artists and is curated by multi-disciplinary artist, Abieyuwa. The Opening Night will be at the imnotArt Gallery on March 4th at 7 PM CST - located at 1010 N. Ashland Ave. Those who wish to attend the opening digitally are able to visit the gallery’s Cryptovoxel's space in the metaverse. The Paradise exhibition will continue to be on display both physically and digitally until March 11th.

Artist Release Mar. 1st
Opening Night Mar. 4th
22 Black Women in NFTs
Exhibition Runs Through Mar. 11th
Curated by Abieyuwa
Rules For Submission
Please only submit one piece per artist.
Submissions must be owned by the artist.
Submissions must currently be minted and for sale.
Art from any blockchain will be accepted.

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