By Mister Goldie. Sold out on Feb 8th.

Mister Goldie.

Michael Hollingsworth - aka Mister Goldie - is a multidisciplinary artist based in Chicago. Through both physical and digital mediums, Goldie’s work draws inspiration from Jean-Michel Basquiat’s style through use of color, mixed media, and subject matter. Additionally, Goldie credits his mother as his biggest source of inspiration for igniting his creativity.

His NFTs are available across multiple platforms and displayed in numerous galleries across the world. His ongoing objective is to continue with growth in his artistry and encourage others to join the NFT community. Most recently, he has designed for Rolling Stone Magazine live in Los Angeles at the Big Game Celebration.

Drop Details

Minting Feb. 8th
750 generative NFTs
Mint Price is 0.05 ETH
Curated by imnotArt
The concept of the Scary Garys PFP collection is inspired by the nickname of Mister Goldie’s hometown Gary, Indiana. Throughout this series, He aims to transform the narrative of his hometown into a new light. The collection consists of 750 generative NFTs featuring a wide variety of entirely unique attributes reminiscent of Frankenstein. This project is accompanied by various benefits to supporters of Mister Goldie, like access to airdrops, giveaways, and future projects. Additionally, the amount of NFTs sold will correlate with Mister Goldie’s fundraising efforts. The ascending milestones will result in the following donations:

25% of the collection sold - 2.5 ETH will be donated to Ronald Mcdonald Charities and the Disabled American Veterans Foundations.

50% of the collection sold - Donation of 2.5 ETH to the supporting discord community.

100% of the collection sold - Establishment of an Art Studio.

Rules For Submission
Please only submit one piece per artist.
Submissions must be owned by the artist.
Submissions must currently be minted and for sale.
Art from any blockchain will be accepted.

Sold out on Feb. 8th

View the collection on the secondary and pick your favorite Gary!